The Saint Croix Elm

The namesake of The Elm Tree Farm is a 100+ year old, giant Elm Tree located at the farm. It is unique among Elm Trees as it has proven to be resistant to Dutch Elm Disease, a fungus that affects Elm Trees, causing destruction and death to the infected tree. Our tree is very special and we've taken care to preserve it for future generations as well as propagate it for others to enjoy. 

The "St. Croix Elm" is now propagated through Bailey's Nurseries and available to order at local garden stores! For more information on the disease-resistance and history of the Elm Tree, enjoy the articles below. 

The Saint Croix Elm - MSP Magazine

"Surrounded by wooded hills and a winding stretch of country road, Chris Bliska's 40-acre property in Afton has everything a farmer might want: a red barn, three horses, an old yellow lab, an apple orchard, an apiary, a wild blackberry patch, and a beautiful lodge-style home. Save for the passing cars and the occasional thrum of farm equipment, it's as quiet and pastoral as a Robert Frost poem. Which makes the giant standing at the bottom of the driveway all the more startling" more

Disease-resistant St. Croix elm making its way to Twin Cities garden centers - Star Tribune

"American elms once were known for their glorious leafy canopies spreading over city streets. But after the arrival of Dutch elm disease, elms became associated with garish blaze-orange rings painted around their trunks and the buzz of chain saws. The once-beloved tree quickly fell out of favor.

Now a new disease-resistant, homegrown option — the St. Croix elm — will be available in some local garden centers this growing season, although demand is expected to outstrip supply" more

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